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Burglar takes valuables from home in Greenville
June 03, 2024

Where To Store Valuables In Your Greenville Home

Are you trying to find a better place to hide your ready cash and valuable jewelry? Sometimes, having easy access to money and other items like your preferred diamond necklace is nice, but you know you shouldn’t leave them out in the open. See where to store valuables in your Greenville property and how you can keep intruders from entering your home in the first place with a modern home security system.

Clever Hiding Spots For Your Prized Possessions

Avoid the obvious and get creative when storing your personal treasures around your house. Even though a bolted-down safe is always a good idea, you often want quicker, simpler access to your spare money and possessions. Here are a few possibilities.

  • Camouflaging in plain sight. Hollow books in an office, empty coffee containers in the pantry, and faux cleaning products under the bathroom sink all function as effective, unexpected places for belongings. Just ensure what you use doesn’t look out-of-the-ordinary, like having only one book on a bookcase shelf.
  • Boxes with ordinary labels mixed in with others. What are the odds a thief is going to go through a bunch of boxes in your storage area with labels such as “School Papers,” “Holiday Ornaments,” or “Clothes To Donate.” Keep in mind, they will try to depart your house as rapidly as they can. You might even stow them in your child’s bedroom closet, which trespassers are more likely to avoid.
  • Dressers with false-bottom drawers. You can find them prefabricated or build one yourself. It’s an easy way to introduce a small amount of concealed space.

A weighty, solidly attached floor safe is a great choice if you have possessions you don’t wish to access swiftly or on a regular basis. Intruders could think to look there, but they aren’t likely to spend much time in an effort to open or grab it, especially if they notice a home security alarm blaring.

What Are Some Areas To Steer Clear Of?

Don’t make life easy for intruders. Ensure money and other items aren’t in plain view, and avoid placing them in these ordinary areas:

  • Obvious areas like your nightstand, jewelry box, desk drawer, and underwear drawer.
  • CD and DVD cases. Irregardless of your proclivities in music and movies, these things are a breeze to snatch, and will in all likelihood be pilfered.
  • Cookie jar. If you have a tendency to store cash in this container, find a less obvious spot. It takes a burglar only a second or two to grab it.
  • Locked filing cabinet. Let’s face it: file cabinet locks are quickly bypassed with the proper tools. You’re smarter to keep your vital records in a more secure area.
  • Unsecured wall safe. Numerous wall safes may be easily removed by cutting drywall and taken away to be cracked open somewhere else. Make sure it’s bolted securely, or choose a stronger floor safe.

Deter Intruders With An Advanced Home Security System In Greenville

Why not keep thieves out of your Greenville house altogether with an innovative home security system? If criminals are inspecting a neighborhood and notice surveillance devices, a video doorbell, and home security displays by the door, they’ll probably move on to a less-secure target. If they do try to break in, your access point sensors and motion detectors will trigger your alarm, alerting you and your 24-7 monitoring team.

Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems To Get The Best Defense In Greenville

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